Japanese Takeout Restaurant

15 Center Street, St Albans, Vermont

Food News!

Our summer items were POPULAR!  Thank you for all the positive feedback on our Ginger Pork Shogayaki, the Chicken and Tofu options of our Cold Ramen Salad, and the Omusubi Rice Sandwiches.  We will miss them until next year!

It's time now to head back to school and we are ready to put our delicious CURRY back on the menu!  If you haven't tried it yet, we are excited for you!!  Let us know what you think of our new and improved recipe using Vermont Raw Honey!

We are finally ready for creemees!  We know, at the end of the summer, why are we starting now?  Because we are making our creemees with the delicious Kingdom Creamery vanilla, served in fresh made waffle cones and Taiyaki, using a traditional Japanese recipe as the base, and fun sauces that we know you will love.  We are starting them late, but we plan to have them year-round on Saturdays, while we can!  We also have boba hours on Saturdays through the school year, so come on in and try one or both this week!


We are open Wednesday through Saturday for lunch (11-2) and dinner (3-7) 

Online order pickup times are 11-2 and 4-7 daily


Chicken and Rice Bento


Small $8, Regular $11 or Large $15

Fresh Japanese crunchy fried chicken with side cabbage salad and white rice with lemon wedge.  Choose from 3 sizes and two delicious sauces! Our most popular item!

Curry Rice


Chicken or Pork Katsu $13

Our custom curry spice blend with bone broth, vegetables, and side of rice, with choice of crunchy fried chicken or breaded pork cutlet (katsu). Now with more chicken and Vermont Raw Honey in the sauce 😋




Panko-breaded pork cutlet with egg and onion, cooked in house-made savory sauce and served on top of rice

Available for dinner weekdays, and all day on Saturdays!

Open Water

Still or Sparkling Water


Using recycled aluminum and fully reusable, these 16 oz bottles of water are delicious and good for the earth

Maple Milk Tea



We brew our Assam Black, Matcha Green, and Chai Spice tea, then add our signature blend of brown sugar and Vermont maple syrup.  You choose almond or regular milk.  Return the glass bottle for $1!

Soda cans

Can of Soda



Choice of rotating soda options: Coke, Coke Zero, Ginger Ale, Fanta Orange, and more.

Boba Tea




 We brew our Assam Black, Matcha Green, and Chai Spice tea, then add our signature blend of brown sugar and Vermont maple syrup and fresh cooked tapioca pearls.  You choose almond or regular milk.

Ramune Soda



Have you ever tried a Japanese RAMUNE (rah-moon-ay) soda?  It is sealed with a glass marble that you push in to open the drink -- you have to try it to understand, and then you will be hooked!  Refreshing and fun!






Those who have been to Japan just KNOW how great melon-pan is! Named after "melon bread" because of its distinctive texture, it's not actually made with melon or even taste like melon! It is sweet bread inside and a cookie crust on the outside. Made fresh by a local baker here in town, you'll be sure to fall in love.


Pocky Chocolate Sticks



Pocky is about sharing happiness and bringing people together. The perfect balance of high quality creamy chocolate and the crunch of a biscuit stick gives Pocky its irresistible taste. 70g sharing size!

We have strawberry as well as chocolate!

Vanilla Creemee


Cup or cone 4.00

Waffle cone 6.00

Taiyaki Lucky Fish 8.00

Try our Vermont vanilla soft serve ice cream from Kingdom Creamery.  You can add a sauce made from scratch: chocolate, matcha-mitsu, strawberry, and walnut-maple

Prices include tax!  Must order in store separately, cash or card